Hi, and welcome to our website!

We have been lifelong photographers, and have had the good fortune to photograph in some of the most beautiful places the world has to offer. In 2005, when life circumstances returned us to our home town to care for aging parents, we turned our passion into our business. And while we love to photograph all kinds of subjects, from nuptials to nature, it's weddings that capture our imagination. After many years of marriage ourselves, we love the feel of the wedding day and the emotion it offers.



Fashion Journalism

Photographing together, with different but complimentary shooting techniques, we focus on capturing each moment in a style of photography we call Fashion Journalism, a blend of spontaneity and fashion, of photo-journalism and classic presentation. Each picture we deliver as a designer image is not simply captured in the camera, but personally interpreted and presented in a manner that will bring out the best in you. We want your images to be the kind that could grace the cover of any bridal or fashion magazine.

Count On Us

Our policy is to arrive before your wedding day, and to attend your rehearsal. We want to know the details of your ceremony.  We want to meet your family and your  bridal party and know them by name. Your wedding is more than a sacred ceremony; it's a family reunion and a celebration with friends. We want to capture every nuance of every smile, every laugh with friends about the old times, every tear when you look into the eyes of your parents or your grandparents.

We agree with Prince Chulalongkorn in the movie “Anna and the King,” when he reflects, “It's surprising how small a part of life is taken up by meaningful moments; most often they're over before they start.” We feel honored with your trust in capturing those moments, because we know how much they mean, and how important they are. 

Expect the Best

We take no shortcuts to provide you with the very best images. We use only the top professional single-lens reflex cameras of Canon, the highest quality “L-series” lenses and the latest in digital processing software. This means that in addition to outstanding quality in composition and lighting, your photographs will benefit from the latest in optics, digital technology and processing quality. We are also committed to "green" photography, using rechargeable equipment, employing recycled products in our daily workflow, partnering with an equally committed photo lab, and offering a line of eco-friendly artbooks. We set the highest standards possible for ourselves, so that you can be sure of expecting the absolute best.